Attention Modern Parents! Seeking a chic, safe, and lasting bed for your growing child? You're in the right place.


Introducing the Wooden Flippable Bed Frame from KitSmart Furniture – A versatile, stylish, and durable solution crafted keeping your child's growth in mind

Safe money

We know the challenge: buying multiple beds as your child grows, sacrificing style for safety, and the constant need for more storage. It's exhausting and expensive

Discover high-quality kids' beds at our store - floor, bunk, loft, storage beds and more. Perfect for fostering Montessori independence.

NZ designed & crafted

Families across the country trust us to bring happiness and confidence into their lives. We take pride in providing top-notch quality, safety, and customer satisfaction

Uniuq Trade in system

As your child grows, their bed needs to adapt to their age. We're here to make the transition as easy as possible. Once the high rails are no longer required, you can return them to us and receive a cashback. If your kids are growing and need separate rooms, you don't have to store the high legs from the bunk - receive a cashback! This not only helps the environment but also saves you money.


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High-Quality Plywood - Breeze to Maintain

Our exclusive birch plywood is meticulously coated with a state-of-the-art soft-touch film, not only enhancing the tactile experience but also ensuring the furniture's longevity. This specialised coating is exceptionally user-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly maintain the furniture's pristine appearance.

Even the most stubborn marks, like those from permanent markers, can be wiped away with ease. Investing in our furniture means investing in durability, ease of maintenance, and timeless design that stands up to the rigors of daily use.

Montessori Inspired Design - Development & Independence

Fosters Independence: Our beds empower children, allowing them to wake, play, and sleep independently, fostering confidence.

Safety: With a reduced height, our beds minimise risks associated with taller bed structures, ensuring peace of mind.

Space Utilisation: Easily integrate our beds into themed rooms or play areas, enhancing room aesthetics and functionality.

Growth with the Child: As kids mature, our beds remain their consistent, familiar space, removing the hassle of frequent transitions.

    Add drawer - Bye bye mess!

    Bye bye mess! Maximise storage space for your Flippable Toddler Bed Frame with a spacious drawer on castors.

    Growing up comes with its own set of challenges, and we believe that your child's furniture should adapt seamlessly. Our Flippable Toddler Bed Frame is designed with this evolution in mind. 

    But we didn't stop there. To further enhance the utility of the elevated position, we've introduced a spacious drawer equipped with smooth-gliding castors. This addition not only offers ample storage space for toys, linens, or personal items but also effortlessly integrates with the bed's design. The ease of access and movement ensures that keeping the room organised becomes second nature. Plus, with this integrated storage solution, there's no need to invest in separate dressers or storage units.

    By choosing our Flippable Toddler Bed Frame with the castor-fitted drawer, you're opting for a blend of style, functionality, and forward-thinking design. Ensure your child's room remains tidy, organised, and ever-ready for the next phase of their life.

    Adaptable Growth System

    1...2?...3? Oh Yeah! 7 Solutions in ONE

    Prepare for an exhilarating journey as you transition from a snug cot to a chic low bed positioned just a tad above the floor.

    Want a change? Simply flip it to unveil a regular floor bed, complete with an optional storage drawer tucked neatly beneath for those essential knick-knacks. But that's not the end of its magic! With minimal effort, elevate your space by converting it into a stylish loft or a cozy bunk bed.

    Perfect for siblings or sleepovers, this transformation offers a remarkable space-saving solution. Experience flexibility, style, and innovation, all in one versatile piece of furniture

    5-Year guarantee. Trade-In and Recycling Program

    5-Year Comprehensive Warranty

    Every piece of furniture from KitSmart promises unparalleled quality and durability. To emphasise our confidence in our craftsmanship, we offer a 5-year comprehensive guarantee against any manufacturing defects starting from the date of delivery. This warranty stands as a testament to the meticulous care, expertise, and dedication we invest in creating pieces that last, ensuring that you and your family can enjoy our products with absolute peace of mind.

    Trade-In and Sustainable Recycling Program: Embracing a Circular Economy

    Understanding the rapid changes and growth spurts in children, KitSmart has always aspired to make products that are adaptable and enduring. We take pride in using wood sourced from sustainable forests, not only safeguarding our planet for current generations but also ensuring a greener future for the ones to come.

    But our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there. Recognising the need to reduce waste and promote a more circular economy, we introduced our groundbreaking Trade-In program. If your child outgrows their KitSmart bed, or if you decide it's time for a change in decor, simply return the piece to us. In appreciation for your eco-conscious decision, we'll present you with a gift card worth 20% of your original purchase price, which can be redeemed against any future KitSmart buy.

    Here's what happens next: Each returned item undergoes a meticulous refurbishment process. Our skilled artisans lovingly restore and rejuvenate old beds, infusing them with a renewed sense of purpose. These 'like-new' pieces are then either sold to new families at discounted prices or donated to charities, ensuring they continue to serve and bring joy to others. This initiative not only breathes new life into previously loved furniture but also significantly reduces potential waste, diverting countless items away from landfills.

    Every product in our diverse range qualifies for this pioneering program. However, certain conditions might apply, ensuring the returned items meet our refurbishment standards. By supporting this program, our customers become partners in our vision for a sustainable, waste-reducing future, making the world a better place one piece of furniture at a time.

    For our special parents, we have an exclusive offer. Add to your cart now and receive:

    - a FREE guard rail ($154 value) – ensuring added safety for your little one! It can be mounted on any side.

    - get 50% off on side shelf ($42 value)!

    - 30% off on KitSmart mattress with washable outer cover and waterproof inner

    More about the Double-Sided Teddy Junior Mattress


    Introducing the teddy junior mattress, the perfect solution for a comfortable and supportive night's sleep for your little ones. Designed with your child's comfort and your budget in mind, this mattress is the perfect choice for parents looking for a high-quality and affordable option.

    The teddy junior mattress is designed with a firm support system, making it ideal for children. A firmer mattress provides the necessary support for your child's growing body, helping to promote proper spinal alignment and alleviate pressure points. Children tend to move around a lot while they sleep, and a firm mattress helps to prevent sagging and maintain its shape ensuring that your child will have a comfortable and supportive sleep for years to come.

    The mattress is designed firm to assist with the transition from cot mattress (extremely firm), whilst supporting the lighter body weight of your child.

    The washable outer cover and waterproof inner help instill confidence in your child sleeping better and empower them through night-time potty training, this mattress is the ultimate kid's mattress for growing bodies and minds.

    Being parents ourselves, we understand that raising kids can be expensive, which is why we have designed this mattress to be affordable for parents. You no longer have to compromise on quality for price, with the teddy junior you can have the best of both worlds.

    Invest in your child's comfort and health with teddy junior mattress, the perfect choice for parents who want to provide their kids with a comfortable and supportive sleep at an affordable price.

    Machine Washable Outer Cover

    Kids will be kids, the teddy junior knitted top fabric is designed to protect when those "whoopsy" moments happen, just toss it in for an easy machine wash. Made from 2nd Life fabric, your teddy junior also helps protect the planet by using upcycled plastics. This fabric is also OKEO-TEX Standard 100 certified meaning teddy junior fabrics have been tested and proven free of any harmful substances.

    Waterproof Inner Cover

    Inside your teddy junior is a waterproof removable inner cover designed to protect your mattress foams from any of those whoopsy moments using the latest in microfilament technology designed and manufactured in Germany. Thus protecting and keeping the core of your mattress dry and hygienically clean.


    Certified Mattress - Made using only CertiPUR-US® program certified foams and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified fabrics.

    Double-sided comfort – Allows for 2 feels (Firm and Medium-Firm) in one mattress


    Designed for slat-beds, bunks & trundles - Low profile height (18cm) can work with bunk beds, trundles, and all bed frames with guardrails

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    • Quality furniture and multifunctional solutions for your sleeping, studying and play spaces. Produce to order within 12 working days

    • Fast delivery & assembling services in Auckland. Own factory and warehouse. Purchase directly from the manufacturer.

    • Custom-made furniture - entrust experts to bring your idea to life. Innovative space-saving solutions to live, sleep, study and play

    Still not sure?

    Here is our Xmas special for you:
    Free Tree Bookshelf ($241 value) for order more than $1000. Add the 6-shelf version to your cart and use promo code Xmas23_1000

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    Your child's comfort, independence, and safety is our top priority.

    Secure the best for them with the Wooden Flippable Bed Frame.

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    Based on 118 reviews
    Single loft bed with single floor bed

    Beautiful quality, very robust, the kids are smitten.

    Tree Bookshelf
    Great book tree

    I bought the mini for the kids room, its great, very well made, natural wood, no nadty chemicals and delivered made up in great condition. Very impressed they delivered to my door. I would highly recommend.

    Great first toddler bed

    Bought for our 2 year old as a bundle with the Teddy Junior mattress and it's been taken to very quickly. Our toddler loves it!

    We also had great customer service when we enquired about the timing of the bed frame for delivery, as the mattress was shipped ahead of time (both to the South Island). Will definitely look to order again in the future.

    Great toddler bed with longevity in mind!

    We are big fans of the flippable bed. Our 17mojnth old is using the toddler bed as a floor bed and he is safe with the barrier but also has the option is crawling out of he needs to, proving independence for him to safely explore his room. We love that this bed will also grow with our son when we can flip it around to a more suitable bed for the childhood/teenage years. Great quality and easy to put together.

    High quality product

    Very high quality product that works really well. Very well made and sturdy. Awesome design.

    Superb Product

    The bunk bed and book case are brilliant! Easy to assemble, very solid build quality and the kids love it! The extra room we now have in their room is also a huge bonus.
    The team at KitSmart were also great, responsive and very helpful.
    If you’re looking for a bunk bed for your kids, look not further, you’re on to a winner here!


    Good quality and sturdy bed. Highly recommended.

    Love the look and the quality of the bunks, assembly service was quick as well. Love the smell of the wood! A couple of disappointments - the ladder was put on slightly crooked, not a huge deal but thought better care would've been taken to make sure it was straight. And there isn't enough room for an adult to sit on the bottom bunk without slouching as bottom bunk second height option is quite high off the ground.

    Best trundler bed on the market

    Love the look of this bed, and the low profile. Very hard to find such a low trundler bed suitable for young kids. Can tell already that this bed is going to get a lot of use and last a long time. Thanks for creating such a great product.

    Flippable Bed Frame
    tanja jelicic
    Flippable bed

    Great bed! My son loves it. Easy to put together and looks nice 😊

    My toddler loves his big boy bed!

    Highly recommend this bed and the awesome team at Kitsmart. Ordered from the Australian website and delivery was super fast!

    The bed was super easy to put together and looks so good in my little ones room! Thank you!

    Double Shelf
    Catherine Collings
    Fantastic bunk bed with all the fab accessories

    Fabulous handmade bunk bed for my 8yr old son. He spends a lot of time in the den underneath the bed turning it into a fort.

    Great Natural Option

    We've recently received our bunk from Kitsmart and it was a breeze to assemble, product was a quick and most of all I know that its completely toxic free and made with sustainable products to see us through. Highly recommend.

    Love it

    Thank you I love my new bookcase

    Lovely bed for toddler

    It’s a lovely bed for my toddler, easy to assemble! Very happy with it.

    Fantastic Bunks

    A well made set of bunks. Very impressed.


    My daughter loves her new bed and we can sleep with the fact the rails are high and she can't get out

    It's a book shelf and teddy bear holder

    I'll admit, it was a little bit difficult to put together, but once setup, my daughter loves it, immediately put books on it followed by a teddy bear on each shelf. (the teddies protect the books according to her)

    All the edges are rounded and smooth so I have no problem with her running up to get books and put books away. Really happy with it.

    Flippable Bed Frame
    Erin Wilkus
    Love it

    We absolutely love the sleek design, quality of the material and assembly set up. We also received wonderful customer service when I had questions around shipping costs and expected time of delivery. I received responses within hours. Lovely all around.

    Aaaand our 2 yr old is finally happy to sleep in her “big bed” rather than ours! That’s a HUGE win.

    Good frame

    Beautiful wood and looks lovely all set up and perfect for a toddler. It wasn't too hard to put together, comes with screws and screwdriver attachment but if I didn't have handle to put attachment in I would not have been able to do screws. Delivery went smoothly but timeframes are running longer than advertised on the website. I don't mind that, but proactive updates and a delivery timeframe (over a week from collection) would be appreciated.

    Wooden Floor Bed Frame
    Eleanor Harris
    Minimalist design, Great!

    Super easy to set up, goes with anything and everything in the room, not too high my 11month old climbs on and off the bed easy peasy.

    Daughter loves it

    Bought this for my 5yo and she loves it. Said it’s super comfortable. And no longer wants to get into the bed with mum and dad because her bed is “more comfortable” than ours. :D

    It’s the right amount of hard to be good for her but not soft enough that it’s bad for her.

    Well made & Sturdy

    We purchased the king single version with ladder at the end. The bunk bed is beautifully constructed with quality materials. It was easy to put together with clear instructions and seems so well made. My husband has been on the top bunk with barely a creak so it lived up to its weight rating! We love the simple clean design, I have been looking for a king single bunk for a while and this was the best quality for best price I could find - bonus that they are locally made!
    Thank you!

    Great choice

    My 2.5yr old son loves the freedom. Easy assembly and good material. So happy with the decision


    Bought one for my 5yo daughter and she absolutely loves it, the finish on the product is great, and the idea of being able to flip it and put draws under it later is awesome. I just bought a 2nd one for my youngest to transition into.