Attention Modern Parents! Seeking a chic, safe, and lasting bed for your growing child? You're in the right place.


Introducing the Wooden Flippable Bed Frame from KitSmart Furniture – A versatile, stylish, and durable solution crafted keeping your child's growth in mind

Safe money

We know the challenge: buying multiple beds as your child grows, sacrificing style for safety, and the constant need for more storage. It's exhausting and expensive

Discover high-quality kids' beds at our store - floor, bunk, loft, storage beds and more. Perfect for fostering Montessori independence.

NZ designed & crafted

Families across the country trust us to bring happiness and confidence into their lives. We take pride in providing top-notch quality, safety, and customer satisfaction

Uniuq Trade in system

As your child grows, their bed needs to adapt to their age. We're here to make the transition as easy as possible. Once the high rails are no longer required, you can return them to us and receive a cashback. If your kids are growing and need separate rooms, you don't have to store the high legs from the bunk - receive a cashback! This not only helps the environment but also saves you money.


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High-Quality Plywood - Breeze to Maintain

Our exclusive birch plywood is meticulously coated with a state-of-the-art soft-touch film, not only enhancing the tactile experience but also ensuring the furniture's longevity. This specialised coating is exceptionally user-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly maintain the furniture's pristine appearance.

Even the most stubborn marks, like those from permanent markers, can be wiped away with ease. Investing in our furniture means investing in durability, ease of maintenance, and timeless design that stands up to the rigors of daily use.

Montessori Inspired Design - Development & Independence

Fosters Independence: Our beds empower children, allowing them to wake, play, and sleep independently, fostering confidence.

Safety: With a reduced height, our beds minimise risks associated with taller bed structures, ensuring peace of mind.

Space Utilisation: Easily integrate our beds into themed rooms or play areas, enhancing room aesthetics and functionality.

Growth with the Child: As kids mature, our beds remain their consistent, familiar space, removing the hassle of frequent transitions.

    Add drawer - Bye bye mess!

    Bye bye mess! Maximise storage space for your Flippable Toddler Bed Frame with a spacious drawer on castors.

    Growing up comes with its own set of challenges, and we believe that your child's furniture should adapt seamlessly. Our Flippable Toddler Bed Frame is designed with this evolution in mind. 

    But we didn't stop there. To further enhance the utility of the elevated position, we've introduced a spacious drawer equipped with smooth-gliding castors. This addition not only offers ample storage space for toys, linens, or personal items but also effortlessly integrates with the bed's design. The ease of access and movement ensures that keeping the room organised becomes second nature. Plus, with this integrated storage solution, there's no need to invest in separate dressers or storage units.

    By choosing our Flippable Toddler Bed Frame with the castor-fitted drawer, you're opting for a blend of style, functionality, and forward-thinking design. Ensure your child's room remains tidy, organised, and ever-ready for the next phase of their life.

    Adaptable Growth System

    1...2?...3? Oh Yeah! 7 Solutions in ONE

    Prepare for an exhilarating journey as you transition from a snug cot to a chic low bed positioned just a tad above the floor.

    Want a change? Simply flip it to unveil a regular floor bed, complete with an optional storage drawer tucked neatly beneath for those essential knick-knacks. But that's not the end of its magic! With minimal effort, elevate your space by converting it into a stylish loft or a cozy bunk bed.

    Perfect for siblings or sleepovers, this transformation offers a remarkable space-saving solution. Experience flexibility, style, and innovation, all in one versatile piece of furniture

    5-Year guarantee. Trade-In and Recycling Program

    5-Year Comprehensive Warranty

    Every piece of furniture from KitSmart promises unparalleled quality and durability. To emphasise our confidence in our craftsmanship, we offer a 5-year comprehensive guarantee against any manufacturing defects starting from the date of delivery. This warranty stands as a testament to the meticulous care, expertise, and dedication we invest in creating pieces that last, ensuring that you and your family can enjoy our products with absolute peace of mind.

    Trade-In and Sustainable Recycling Program: Embracing a Circular Economy

    Understanding the rapid changes and growth spurts in children, KitSmart has always aspired to make products that are adaptable and enduring. We take pride in using wood sourced from sustainable forests, not only safeguarding our planet for current generations but also ensuring a greener future for the ones to come.

    But our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there. Recognising the need to reduce waste and promote a more circular economy, we introduced our groundbreaking Trade-In program. If your child outgrows their KitSmart bed, or if you decide it's time for a change in decor, simply return the piece to us. In appreciation for your eco-conscious decision, we'll present you with a gift card worth 20% of your original purchase price, which can be redeemed against any future KitSmart buy.

    Here's what happens next: Each returned item undergoes a meticulous refurbishment process. Our skilled artisans lovingly restore and rejuvenate old beds, infusing them with a renewed sense of purpose. These 'like-new' pieces are then either sold to new families at discounted prices or donated to charities, ensuring they continue to serve and bring joy to others. This initiative not only breathes new life into previously loved furniture but also significantly reduces potential waste, diverting countless items away from landfills.

    Every product in our diverse range qualifies for this pioneering program. However, certain conditions might apply, ensuring the returned items meet our refurbishment standards. By supporting this program, our customers become partners in our vision for a sustainable, waste-reducing future, making the world a better place one piece of furniture at a time.

    For our special parents, we have an exclusive offer.

    Order now and receive a FREE guard rail ($154 value) – ensuring added safety for your little one! It can be mounted on any side.

    Order now and get 50% off on side shelf ($42 value)!

    Don't just take our word for it. See real families and their happy moments with our furniture on our Instagram

    • New Zealand designed and crafted top-quality modern furniture for the whole family. Buy NZ made products

    • Quality furniture and multifunctional solutions for your sleeping, studying and play spaces. Produce to order within 12 working days

    • Fast delivery & assembling services in Auckland. Own factory and warehouse. Purchase directly from the manufacturer.

    • Custom-made furniture - entrust experts to bring your idea to life. Innovative space-saving solutions to live, sleep, study and play

    Still not sure?

    Here is our BLACK FRIDAY special for you:
    Free Tree Bookshelf ($241 value) for order more than $600. Add the shelf to your cart and use promo code BLACK23

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    Your child's comfort, independence, and safety is our top priority.

    Secure the best for them with the Wooden Flippable Bed Frame.

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    Based on 86 reviews
    Great frame

    A great, simple bed frame that is easy to assemble

    High quality

    Happy with the bed frame. I bought the rails with it but my daughter unlocks the door easily. The bed frame and mattress are really good quality and my daughter is adjusting well from cot to toddler bed.

    Great product

    My daughter is adjusting really well from cot to this bed.

    Toddlers can unlock easily

    My daughter figured out the lock in 2mins. Great quality but the door lock needs rethinking.

    Perfect bed for a growing girl

    We love our bed and the fact it will be able to evolve as our girl grows. Super easy to put together

    A Dreamy Solution For A Tired Mum lol

    I recently purchased these bunks from KitSmart for my young kids, and it's been a game-changer! The craftsmanship is stellar, and the sustainable pine not only looks fantastic but also aligns perfectly with my commitment to eco-friendly choices. Plus, the joy of supporting a local business is an added bonus.

    Assembly was surprisingly easy, a relief for tired, brain-dead parents like us. Since getting these bunks, the kids have been happily sleeping in their own beds, sparing my kidneys from nightly kicks. While I miss their warm cuddles, I certainly don't miss the midnight kung-fu sessions. Bless you, KitSmart!

    Pine table

    While I love the Kits mart bed, under-bed drawer, bedside clip on table and end-bed shelving unit, I was disappointed with this standalone shelf. The pine is nice enough quality, but the visible **** fixings make it look very cheap and the wood isn’t finished to the same standard as the bed.

    Bedside shelf

    Excellent, simple little table to clip on to the bed frame

    Great quality bed

    Really pleased with the quality of this bed. Great value for money, built and finished well. We bought the bundle with built-in end shelving unit, under-bed sliding drawer and clip on bedside table. It all went together quite intuitively, which was useful, because there was a lack of clarity, and a couple of errors, in the assembly instructions for the bed. There were also no assembly instructions for the under-bed drawer included.

    My only minor criticism would be that the fit between the base of the drawer and the frame was too tight and I couldn’t get the floor panels to fit without eventually slighting planing off their edges.

    Fantastic bed

    I was really impressed with the workmanship of this bed. Really solid bunk. The bottom bunk has enough room for an adult to sit and read a book. We got the drawer which has been very handy and worth it. As it was untreated wood, we gave it a coat of varnish just to protect it. My daughter loves it and so do we.

    Perfect toddler bed

    This bed is perfect for our soon to be 3 years old daughter who has Down Syndrome. Gives her the freedom of a big bed and feeling like a big kid without the worry of falling out and hurting herself. We paired it with the “bigger bed bumper” from the sleepstore after I found her curled up asleep on the floor at 4am. Works a treat.

    Wooden Floor Bed Frame
    Nicholas Viliamu

    Got the single bed. So easy to assemble and my toddler absolutely loves it. It looks so nice in his bedroom too.

    Awesome bed

    We are so happy with this bed. The perfect height for our little one who has never liked her cot. The fact we can turn it over one day when she wants a higher bed is so awesome. Very clever and beautifully made too. Thanks so much!

    Good quality

    I've installed them on the playhouse in the garden; thay are absolutely good looking, quality products.

    Quality +

    We purchased a single floor bed with no additions for our nearly 2yo to transition out of the cot. I am really impressed with the quality and ease to set up, instructions not really needed as it's so simple and did it myself without a 2nd person (however it would of been even easier with 2 extra hands).
    Considering it's made to order the delivery time was exceptional.
    The size is a perfect snug fit for a single mattress.
    So impressed we have sold the cot and will move #2 into the floor bed straight from the bassinet.

    Book Shelf
    Christine Powley

    I never received this book shelf? I already did a full review so not sure why this email has come through about another review?

    Great Quality and Perfect for needs

    This suits the needs of our grandchildren. The ability to flip is fantastic

    Perfect height for toddlers

    Nice and sturdy. Easy to attach to bedframe. Nice to have something a bit more unique than normal bed legs. good height for my 2yo to get in and out of bed.

    Stylish floor bed

    Really pleased with the floor bed which we bought for our toddler. It looks simple and stylish, and the same as the pictures on the website. We have added one guardrail and may add another in future, and we bought legs to add to the bed in future when our son is older. Received the bed within a few weeks of ordering. Would recommend this product.

    Best choice

    Super easy to assemble . Affordable price. Fast delivery.friendly service.


    Thanks a lot for a team. Made delivery and helped to install. Our son loves it


    Perfect frame

    Absolutely love the new bed frame, it was easy to put together and the wood is excellent quality!

    Flippable bed review

    There were few hiccups with delivery but we are satisfied with the product. Most of all, my daughter loves the bed.

    Great bed frame, definitely lit up the room!

    This is a really good product, and it changed the way we sleep. The low profile is just incredible. Materials are high quality, stain is very light and almost invisible. That said, the assembly is a massive pain, and instructions are not necessarily clear.

    In our case, there were a few holes missing on the headboard attachment arms, so couldn't **** those in. One of the key parts were reversed (compared to the instructions), so had to skip a few screws and come up with a different order of assembly to bring everthing together in a way that sufficiently holds together.

    In the end was is all fine.

    Flippable Bed Frame
    Briana Joll
    Cute and Versatile Kids Bed

    Such a cute and versatile kids bed! So easy to put together, and it’s beautifully made. Perfect for my 2 year old in his new room.