Adaptable KitSmart children's bed frame, designed to grow with your toddler, ensuring safe and cozy slumbers.

KitSmart Furniture: Kid-Friendly, Growth-Adaptable Bed Frames in New Zealand

Hello, wonderful parents! Today, we’re thrilled to dive into an exciting exploration of children’s bed frames that are not just fabulously designed but also phenomenally adaptable to your growing kiddos, especially the spirited toddlers among them!

1. The Transformative Flippable Bed

Our Flippable bed, crafted from high-quality plywood, is nothing short of a magic carpet for your little ones’ dreamy adventures. What sets it apart? Its two distinct positions! Starting at a lower position, it’s an ideal transition from a cot – an absolute win for toddlers making that big move. As your munchkin sprouts, flip it over to adapt to their newfound height! Our inclusive guardrail/headboard ensures those active dreamers are safe and snug in either position. Bonus: in its lofty position, it conveniently allows for a drawer beneath it, a savior for saving precious room space.

2. The Homely Wooden Floor Bed Frame

Elegantly carved from robust NZ PINE, our Wooden Floor Bed Frame is a beautiful amalgamation of sturdiness and charm. Initially a cozy floor bed, you can add the guardrail to shield your little sleepers. As they burgeon, simply attach legs (choosing from various fun designs, such as wheels!) to raise it up, accompanying their growth with steadfast support.

3. The Versatile Montessori Bed Frame With High Removable Rails

Welcome to a world where playful safety meets adaptable design! Initially serving as a secure play pan or a crib with high rails, it ensures your tiny explorers are safeguarded during both sleep and play. And fear not, as they ascend in age and stature, simply remove the rails to transform it into a wonderful wooden floor bed frame, continuing to support their dreams while preserving your budget.

Why Choose KitSmart?

All our designs are meticulously curated with a keen eye on developing self-sufficiency in your children, guiding them gently towards their milestones while safeguarding their slumbers. Growing with your child, our beds are not just furniture; they are a lifelong companion to your child's ever-changing needs, blending seamlessly into their rooms and their hearts while efficiently securing your investment.

Embrace Growth with KitSmart Furniture!

Each piece in our collection tells a story of quality, safety, and ingenuity, harmonising with your child’s journey from a toddler to a vivacious youngster. Dive into a world where every bedtime is an adventure, every wake-up a treasure, and every piece of furniture is a steadfast companion in their incredible journey of growth.

Explore our enchanting range and let’s script this wonderful journey together, ensuring their dreams are cradled in quality, innovation, and utmost safety, only with KitSmart Furniture.

Explore Now.

Remember: Every dream harbored, every growth milestone, is cradled and celebrated with KitSmart.

Sweet Dreams and Happy Growing with KitSmart!

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