Discover versatile KitSmart bunk and loft beds: from Transformer to Triple bunk beds with desks, storage, and play areas. Ideal for space, fun, and safety.

Let's Explore Our Wide Range Of Bunk and Loft Beds

When looking to maximise space and create a versatile room, nothing beats the efficiency of bunk and loft beds. Not only do they make bedtime more fun, but they also offer a range of features that can adapt to various needs. From beds that incorporate study spaces to those that are perfect for sleepovers, let’s explore the types at KitSmart Furniture.

Loft Transformer Bed: Versatility at its best. The Loft Transformer Bed is an innovative design that can switch between being a loft bed and a bunk bed. With a few adjustments, this bed can also be separated into two individual floor beds.

Benefits: This design offers incredible flexibility and is perfect for those who might have changing needs over time. It's especially useful for families with children who might want bunk beds one moment and then prefer separate floor beds as they grow older. The ability to transition between the configurations can also be beneficial when moving or redesigning a room.

Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves: A dream for the student. Ideal for children of school age. They're ideal for older children and teens who need a dedicated space for study.

Benefits: They save space by combining two major furniture pieces, promote a focused study environment, and offer a separated sleeping area.

Bunk Bed with Trundle: Sleepovers made easy. A bunk bed with trundle features a pull-out third bed below the bottom bunk.

Benefits: Perfect for sleepovers or families with multiple children, the trundle can be tucked away when not in use, preserving floor space.

Family Bunk Bed (Triple bunk bed): For the growing family. These are usually a combination of a regular bunk bed with a third tier, or feature a double bed on the bottom with a single bed on top.

Benefits: Accommodates more sleepers in a room without consuming horizontal space, and offers flexible sleeping arrangements for families.

Bunk Bed with Drawer Storage Underneath: Sleep & Store simplified. This bunk bed features drawers below the lower bunk, maximising storage without using extra room space.

Benefits: A smart space-saver. Alongside accommodating sleepers, it neatly stows away items like bedding, clothes, and toys, keeping rooms tidy and organised. 

Loft Bed with Play Area Underneath: Childhood dreams come true. These types of loft beds have a tented or enclosed space underneath the top loft, which can be transformed into a play zone, fort, or even a reading nook.

Benefits: It's an ideal solution for young children by offering a space for play and sleep within the same footprint. It fosters creativity and can be customised to a child’s interests.

Loft and Bunk Bed with Climbing Wall: Adventure in every sleep. This unique variant of the loft or bunk bed incorporates a climbing wall, either as a means to ascend to the top bunk/loft or as an added feature for play. The climbing holds can be colorfully designed and arranged in varying difficulties, catering to different age groups and climbing skill levels.

Benefits: The climbing wall is not just a fun addition; it promotes physical activity, helps in developing motor skills, and encourages adventurous play. Moreover, it's a creative way to access the upper bed, making bedtime a fun experience. It's perfect for children with a lot of energy and those who love climbing.

Loft/Bunk Bed with Desk and Climbing Wall: Work, play, and rest combined. This unique bed design merges the practicality of a desk space with the adventure of a climbing wall. Whether as a loft or bunk bed, one side typically features a sturdy climbing wall, while the other side houses a functional desk for study or work.

Benefits: A true multifunctional space-saver. It offers a recreational activity with the climbing wall, a dedicated space for study or work with the desk, and a comfortable sleeping area. Ideal for active children who also need a focused workspace in their room.

How to Choose the Right Bed:

  • Assess Your Needs: Before you decide, think about who will be using the bed and what their needs are. If your child loves reading, maybe the play area can be transformed into a cozy nook. If they're older and have a lot of homework, the desk variant could be a better fit.
  • Room Size: Consider the size of your room. Some loft beds might be taller than others, which could be an issue in rooms with lower ceilings. Additionally, ensure there's enough space to safely climb and descend from the bed.
  • Safety: Always check the weight limits and safety guidelines. Guardrails are essential for younger children.
  • Flexibility: As children grow, their needs change. A bed that offers flexibility (like a detachable desk or additional storage options) can adapt over time.

KitSmart Furniture offers a diverse range of bunk and loft beds tailored to cater to a variety of preferences. More than just sleeping spots, these beds serve as central points for study, play, and storage. Safety remains our utmost priority, ensuring that every design adheres to the highest standards. With a comprehensive understanding of the myriad options and by carefully assessing your needs, you can choose the perfect bed that will serve your family reliably and safely for many years to come.


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