Custom-designed child's bed by KitSmart Furniture - blending whimsical charm, safety, and top-notch materials for the perfect sleep sanctuary.

Crafting Dream Beds for Kids: Where Imagination Meets Comfort.

At KitSmart Furniture, we believe that every child deserves a bed that feels like a realm of dreams. A sanctuary where they can snuggle up, drift away, or embark on make-believe adventures. This is why we proudly introduce our custom-made kids beds, tailored meticulously to your child’s desires and needs.

Why Opt for a Custom-Made Bed?

  • Fit it Right: Every room has its own unique dimensions. Whether you want to adjust the height of a bunk bed or loft bed to ensure it snugly fits into your kid's room, we've got you covered.
  • Signature Designs: Have a unique idea? Perhaps a car bed for your budding racer or a bunk bed enhanced with storage options and a special ladder? Share your vision, and we’ll bring it to life!
  • Safety & Comfort for All: For families with kids with disabilities, we understand the paramount importance of safety and comfort. Be it a specialised side to the bed or additional railings, our team is equipped to make modifications ensuring peaceful nights for both the child and parents.
  • Top-Notch Materials: Crafted with the sturdiness of NZ Pine and the resilience of high-quality plywood, our beds are not just about aesthetics but also about ensuring a safe sleep environment for your little ones.

The Journey of Crafting Your Child’s Dream Bed:

  • Brainstorming Ideas: Share your initial concept. Whether it's a vague idea or a detailed vision, we're all ears!
  • Design Phase: Our skilled designers will create a model, taking all your requirements into consideration. You'll receive a detailed plan to visualise the final look.
  • Your Approval: This is a collaborative process. Once you're satisfied and give us the green light, only then do we transition into the creation phase.
  • Crafting the Masterpiece: With your approved plan in hand, our craftsmen get to work, ensuring each detail mirrors perfection.

At KitSmart Furniture, we believe in crafting more than just beds; we create memories, safe havens, and most importantly, a space where your child can be their authentic self. Dive into the world of imagination and comfort with us. Let's co-create a bed that speaks volumes of love, care, and whimsical charm!

For inquiries and orders - Contact Us. Dream big and sleep tight with KitSmart Furniture.

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